Local Author Fair

The Blanchard Community Library will host over 20 local authors on Saturday, November 3 at 11 a.m. The authors are from the Ventura County area and represent a wide variety of genres in fiction and non-fiction, including mystery, memoir, poetry, young adult, children’s books, and more.

Patrons will have the opportunity to converse with authors who will be signing and discussing their books. The library will also be accepting donated copies of published works for inclusion in a new Local Authors collection.

Participating Authors

Cara Lopez Lee

Cara Lopez Lee is the author of the memoir They Only Eat Their Husbands: Love, Travel, and the Power of Running Away. Cara has edited or collaborated on more than 20 books. Her writing has appeared in such publications as The Los Angeles Times, Manifest-Station, and 50-Word Stories. She’s a winner of The Moth StorySlam and performs for many L.A. storytelling shows, including Unheard L.A., Tell it!, and Write Club. She was a TV anchor/reporter, and a writer/producer for HGTV and Food Network. Cara and her husband live in Ventura.

Carol Malone
Short Story Contest Winner of the Ventura County Writers Club Short Story Contest, Carol Malone writes humorous tales of romance, suspense, and adventure to challenge women and men to triumph over their doubts and fears. When not hammering out new adventures, Carol is reading suspenseful romance and switching between a Dodger game and a Hallmark movie on TV. Her husband of thirty-six years and sci-fi writer is amazed she can read and watch TV at the same time.

Carol is the only female to publish in an all-male pulp fiction group writing in the style of the old pulp masters. She has published two Fight Card Romance books with a third soon to be published: Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night; Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night Christmas, and coming soon, Fight Card Romance: Sunday Punch. She’s also published a sweet historical romance, Summer Holiday.

Christina Steiner
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Christina Steiner uses enchanting stories to introduce children to the amazing natural world. In addition to her award-winning illustrated children’s books, her short stories and poetry were published in West Winds Centennial of the California Writers Club, the Moorpark Review, and received an honorable mentioning from Writer’s Digest for a juvenile story. Steiner lives in Moorpark, California with her daughter and her twin grandchildren. They inspire her to introduce young readers to the magical world of nature.

Christopher Reutinger
Christopher Reutinger was born in San Diego, California in 1946. Reutinger graduated from Point Loma High School and then attended San Francisco State University on a Violin Music Scholarship to play in that schools flagship Morrison Quartet. That included one year abroad at The University of Uppsala, Sweden. He transferred to The University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a BA in 1970. Reutinger then did graduate music studies at USC studying with Alice Schoenfeld. He won an audition to play first violin with the Honolulu Symphony in 1972, spending one year there. Reutinger returned to Los Angeles and worked for over 45 years in The Hollywood Recording Studios at Warner Bros. MGM Columbia Disney Universal Paramount and Fox on Movies, TV, and Records. He is a composer with BMI and wrote 25 source tune vignettes for TV movies of the week. His experiences in this industry caused him to write: THINGS I WISH THEY HAD TOLD ME ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS.

Chuck Redman
Chuck Redman was born and raised in small-town Nebraska, a place that still gives him chills even though the scenery is less dramatic than the goosebumps on his arm. But he eventually rambled east for undergrad at Michigan and law school at NYU. Then he marched west to practice criminal and immigration law in Los Angeles for 40 years. In his spare time, he wrote a little. He’s retired now, freeing him to enjoy his wife, his kids, his reading, his writing, his worrying about the future of the planet

David Endelman
David Endelman led an award-winning Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program for a coastal city in California. His degree is in GIS Management. He is a published cartographer, illustrator and cartoonist. Dave now speaks on cruise ships around the world. His works have appeared in national and international publications. He is the illustrator of 4 picture books. Dave enjoys international travel, competition bodysurfing, navigational maps and informational signs. Dave’s new book, Different Signs, features cartoons from his popular Sign Garden series on ComicsSherpa.com.

Diane Mautner
Diane S. Mautner is the author of Prisoner #147 (a picture book about a mischievous raccoon’s antics around his neighborhood), Draw Me a Story, and Word Flips: Spanish. She has also written workbooks for the Cartoon Network and curriculum for Disney English. She lives in Oxnard, CA, with her husband, Ray, and her mischievous beagle, Max.

Gabrielle Genhart
Gabrielle Genhart is an author & poetess who began growing in the dehydrated soil of Southern California in 1997. She has two poetry books currently available — Angel’s Trumpets & The Belladonna Effect

Gail Small
Gail Small champions joy! Her books and presentations provide insight on the power of choice to guide joyful living. Gail Small is an innovative and highly respected educator. She is a Fulbright Memorial Scholar, author of six books, named to Who’s Who Among America’s Universities and Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.
Ms. Small holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Certification with the William Glasser Institute. Gail is the author of Joyful Learning, Joyful Parenting and Joyful Volunteering. She has also written three books for children and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Ms. Small has traveled to all seven continents. Whether on land or sea, presentations by Gail Small are irresistibly inspirational, memorable and joyful.

JC Stevens
J. C. Stevens began writing fiction, nonfiction and poetry at age five. The author’s first and favorite stories were about ghosts, witches and other spooky creatures. Stevens published her first children’s fantasy novel,”Dragon Lad: The Thirteenth Egg,” in 2015 as part of a planned trilogy. She launched the second novel in the trilogy, “Dragon Lad: Tale of the Talisman,”in 2017.
A former newspaper reporter, editor and teacher, Stevens lives in Ventura County where she enjoys spending time outdoors. She is currently finishing the text and illustrations for the third and final book in the trilogy.

John O’Brien
John loves to tell stories and has been a storyteller all his life. He desires to share them with his friends and fans. His background is not typical for an author. He has had careers in manufacturing, selling, commercial construction, mortgage brokering, and now as an author. He has enjoyed being married to his wife for thirty-seven years and she still likes him. They have four children, four grand-children, and two great-grand-children. “What a blessed life I have been given,” John says.

He and his production company, JRM Productions have a motto: We share compelling stories! Join us for an adventure! John is the author of three books: The Book of John: Steps to a Happier Life—a self-help affirmation book, The Secret of Sunrise Mountain, and Sunrise Ranch—The Search for Home. The last two are epic historical western mysteries following the lives of one family through four generations as they traverse the American Continent.

L. Allyn Nacsa
While caring for her aging mother, the author hunted endlessly for simple pictures to color or paint, appropriate for limited vision. She also spent hours searching for uplifting books, poetry, Bible verses and hymn lyrics to share with her mom (printing them in large text, if possible) that inspired continual conversations and joy. With her first book, Joy for the Soul, a collection of intentionally simple coloring pages with Bible verses, the author is thrilled to help others bring joy to those they are caring for or visiting—joy she witnessed firsthand, working with her own mother and other elders.

Naomi Kathryn Lu
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A suicide attempt at the beginning of 2018 was the catalyst for Somehow Standing, a book of essays that allowed others to hopefully see what the world looked like through the eyes of someone who dealt with numerous mental health disorders. Naomi Kathryn Lu hopes that by sharing this book with the world, that it will not only allow others who don’t experience mental health problems to understand what life looks like for those who do, but also lets those who suffer silently know that they are not alone. These stories are her shoes.

Raised in Southwest China and coming from a culture that is traditionally silent on mental illness, Naomi’s desire is to live in boldness and speak out to help end the stigma against being open about experiencing these disorders. She loves spending time with her dogs and close friends. After a long hiatus, she is going back to college to finish up her degree. She continues to write and advocate for mental health awareness and mental health recovery. You can contact her at nkluwrites@gmail.com or through her Facebook or Instagram page @naomikathrynlu.

Ralph Mauriello
Ralph Mauriello was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Los Angeles, California when he was 14 years old. He has had two careers; one as a professional baseball player and the other as an electrical engineer. He pitched for the Dodgers organization for eight years (1953 through 1960), appearing in three major league games in 1958, with one win and one loss as a starter and one no decision in relief. After leaving baseball in 1960, he spent over 30 years with Litton Industries, as a computer designer/systems analyst, and 9 years running his own consultant firm. Mauriello now pursues his longtime passion for singing that dates back to his grandmother’s Sunday night “Amateur Hour” contests. For fun, all the family members had to sing, dance or recite a poem. He’s been singing ever since — in school, church, choirs or walking down the street.

Shel Weinstein
Shel Weinstein was born and raised on Chicago’s Southside. He now resides in Oxnard California. To “Die for Art: A Henry Fox Mystery” is the third book in the popular Henry Fox series of adventure/mysteries.

Sheila Lowe
Like her fictional character Claudia Rose in the award-winning Forensic Handwriting Mysteries series, Sheila Lowe is a real-life forensic handwriting expert who testifies in court cases involving handwriting. The author of the acclaimed The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous, and Handwriting Analyzer software, she is the current president of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes education in handwriting. Sheila holds a Master of Science in psychology and lectures around the country and in Canada and the UK. Her latest nonfiction book is Reading Between the Lines, Decoding Handwriting.

Todd Griese
Todd Griese, Poet and editor/publisher, Gandy Dancer Press has been writing and publishing for thirty-eight years. Todd was the former owner of The Ojai Bookstore. He has lived in Ojai, Maui, Montecito and Camarillo. Gandy Dancer Press is a small press dedicated to the collaborative expressions of Art, Poetry and Music.  Todd’s book, SPIRITUAL LINES travels the natural terrain in layered expressions of hope and redemption. Artist, Jane Shanahan, designed the publication.

Van Fleisher
After 21 years with an airline, TWA, I left to do my own thing as a management consultant. That’s how it seems to work – if, for whatever reason, someone leaves a real, Monday to Friday, 9-5 job, they become a consultant. So what happens to someone who leaves management consulting after 30 years? Initially you keep looking at calendars and dates to see if 30 years could possibly have come and gone that fast. Then, because you’ve been programmed, you sit down at your computer and check your messages. But that’s no fun because there are very few messages from anyone you want to hear from. But, since you’re at your computer, what else can you do? In my case, it was to write a novel.

Xina Marie Uhl
Xina Marie Uhl is the author of The King’s Champion, the first book of a Young Adult fantasy series, and a number of other books–historical romance, humor, and fantasy. Her day job is as a freelance writer and editor of nonfiction kids books. She lives in Thousand Oaks with three dogs, two cats, and one husband. Follow her blog for book reviews, history tidbits, and more: xuwriter.wordpress.com.


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