Channel Islands Orchestral Suite

“Channel Islands Orchestral Suite”

Presented by:
KuanFen Liu, D.M.A.,
Assistant Professor of Performing Arts (Music Group)

The Channel Islands Orchestral Suite was commissioned by Dr. KuanFen Liu and the Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra in 2017. It is set to premier in fall 2019. This lecture intend to introduce to the public the new commissioned work through the eyes of the composer, performers and advocates.

The southern California Channel Islands are a remarkable ocean treasure embodying a wealth of natural and cultural resources. The biodiversity of the Channel Islands is unsurpassed, but its ecosystem is fragile. The performance of the Channel Islands Suite Project will serve to further enlighten the community as to this unique archipelago, which is virtually on our doorstep, encouraging conservation efforts and furthering support of restoration programs, by means of the performing arts.

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